About Us

Hey mamas!


Welcome to Our site, I am so excited you decided to stop by!

I am Mardrease Simone, founder, owner, and designer of Widdo Kiddo. I started Widdo Kiddo with just an idea in my head while I was pregnant with my daughter Ameerah. I am really passionate about fashion design and I really wanted to bring something different to the table. My goal is to design really stylish and comfortable clothes for our kiddos! I didn't want to take away the youthful, childlike uniqueness from the kids, but to allow them to be children with some style! As mothers, we learn as each day passes and as a mother with multiples, we understand that each child is different and we are still learning new things. We want to be here for healthy reminders regarding our child’s growth, health, and over all well being by keeping you updated with our blog! We cover all sorts of things from early child fire safety to treating dry skin in our child! And hey, why not add some style to it while we’re at it! Our children’s clothing is for our playful kiddos who also likes to look great! We love all of our mothers and kiddos! We want to bring you value so stick around with us!