Our kids don't need the perfect mom. Just a happy one!

Our kids don't need the perfect mom. Just a happy one!

Our kids don't need the perfect mom. Just a happy one!

We strive for perfection as mothers. Or at least we try to get as close to it as possible, Right? I mean, from trying to cure them every time they're sick with the perfect mix of home remedies and over the counter prescriptions, to getting them up, dressed, and ready for school on time every day. Whether you are a mommy of one or multiples, its INSANE! 

Lets talk just quickly about who taught us how to be a mother. Where did we really learn? Most of us were just passed down routines and traditions from our own families that we implement into our own kids. The other half of it comes from just a mother's natural instinct. 

The truth is, most of us really weren't taught any formal "parenting training". There really weren't any classes to take on how to carry, birth, nurture, and raise a child. Don't get me wrong, there are ENDLESS amounts of information out there that could help you along the way. Tons of resources, books, online articles and such. Also, I am not underestimated the power of family support. Those things go a long way and some of us may not know where we would be without the support from our families, friends, or resources around us. 

So what am I saying? 

I wanted to build a judgement free platform for mothers to help them understand that NOTHING about motherhood and parenting is perfect. I mean, how could it be with the constant chance of vomit, stomach flues, fevers, and endless tears? And that's ok! We need to understand that as mothers, we may not know everything. Some days will be better. Learning from other moms is a good thing! Most importantly, we must take care of ourselves. We always put our liddo ones first, as we should. But we also have to remember we were women before we were mothers. We need an hour or two to ourselves from time to time. We have to stay on top of our health, just as we do our children. 




This is where you can find tips, tricks, home remedies, experiences from other mothers, new mommy info, daily routine help, and so much more! 

Our Widdo Kiddos aren't going to be so "Widdo" for long. We don't want to strive for perfection during these early years of their lives but more so making the best of them! 

I am Mardrease, or Recy as most call me. Mother of one, my five year old, with my daughter Ameerah on the way! I have learned a bunch over the years. I am so excited to share anything that is helpful to you all, while keeping our kiddos growing, comfortable, and stylish!